Disneyland secrets and creepy facts!

Disneyland secrets and creepy facts!

Disneyland secrets you didn't know, from real human skeletons to hidden passages and rooms!

Want to know Disneyland secrets most people don't know? Yes?... Well you have come to the right place.

In this video i will show you creepy facts and secrets that will shock you!

Let me start of with one that disturbs me the most, the Pirates Of The Caribbean ride actually used real human skeletons when it first opened! I kid you not! Today though most of the real skeletons have been replaced with fakes, but one human skull still resides on the ride... Have you spotted it?


If you watch the video above all facts are backed up with evidence.

Another fact is that when Disneyland first opened its doors to the public they got inundated with fake park tickets, the tarmac was so fresh that womens high heels were getting stuck in the melting tarmac! This day has been forever known as black Sunday!

It was a massive flop!

Have any of you or your children ever got creeped out by the oversize character costumes? Wait till you see the original character costumes!... They are the stuff of nightmares, kids had it bad back then!

Anyway lets wrap this up, watch the video of Disneyland secrets above and uncover the secret passages, exclusive members rooms and much much more!

Hope you enjoy the video made by the guys over at TheRichest.

If you have any secrets about Disneyland that we have missed please leave me a comment below, I'd love to hear them!

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