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watch drakes bf getting shot dead graphic footage

Graphic videos 18+

Drakes friend getting shot-Extremely graphic!

Breaking footage of Drakes best friend getting shot, such sad footage to witness! Graphic content!

The worst of the worst has happened for a well-loved celebrity… His best friend has been gunned down by 2 assailants in a graphic video that has just surfaced!

The gun men that we can not name at this time are still on the run, but this extremely disturbing footage has surfaced that shows tha extreme act of people!

Doesn’t matter who you are or how rich, if people want to kill you they will!

So be humble no matter who you are, or who you know! We are all born naked and will all die that way no matter how much money we all accrue over time!

Stay humble, be humble and be good to man kind!

My heart goes out to this man I will call Dave, and to all his family, not to mention drake and his close associates!

Life is cruel we all know that one way or another whether it be cancer, a shooting or tragedy!

We all need to come together when times are hard and prove humanity is better than desecration!

I am showing this video of drakes bf getting shot to show you what the media never do and to wake the world up!

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