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Eating Out? You Can Still Eat Clean


Eating Out? You Can Still Eat Clean

It can be hard to maintain a clean diet when you spend most of your time traveling and eating most of your meals at restaurants. Restaurants, office cafeterias, and airports aren’t establishments of good nutrition. Most people might have heard about clean eating, but they don’t know what it is or how to go about cleaning their diet.

Clean eating is about consuming more of the best and healthiest portions in each of the various food groups and consuming less of the not-so-healthy foods. It involves embracing whole foods such as whole grains and vegetables. Follow these simple tips to ensure that you still eat clean when eating out.

Make Your Choices Ahead of Time

Are you a victim of restaurant peer pressure? This is the biggest challenge that most people face in their quest to stick to clean diets when eating out. Various studies show that most people tend to be influenced by the food choices of the people around them. This means that you’re more likely going to spend more money on fries and burgers which is unclean.

The best way to deal with this challenge is by deciding on what you’re going to order before you enter the restaurant. You achieve this target by looking at the restaurant menu online and stick to whatever you decide. You can even create a reminder on your phone just to make sure that you don’t order something different.


Avoid sugar-sweetened soft drinks when eating out and stick to plain water. You can switch the soda for natural sodas sweetened with fruit juice or stevia, coconut water, juice, or spritzers with soda water. You should also consider wines to avoid pesticides. Go for Spanish, Italian, and French wines which are still low in pesticides in case you don’t like the organic option.

Create Your Own Custom Entrée

Keep in mind that you are not limited to the restaurant menu. Be assertive and make changes to your order which makes it a clean diet. For example, you can order a halibut and request the attendant to swap the cheese with some mango slices.

If the menu indicates that broccoli accompanies a prime rib, don’t be afraid to order some of it even though it doesn’t appear on the menu as a main dish. The bottom line is that if the ingredient is available, the chef should be ready to combine them in any way to create a clean diet for you.

Embrace Whole Grains

Nothing is more nutritious and clean than whole grains. The healthiest whole grains are the ones that haven’t undergone any processing such as wild rice and oats. They are an excellent source of proteins and are low in calories. Typically, people who embrace whole grains have an easier time losing weight and maintaining it for a long term.

Choose Your Restaurant Wisely

Although most restaurants serve unclean diets, some of them feature clean diets on their menu. Take your time and go through the menus of different restaurants online. Choose restaurants that offer locally grown ingredients, vegetarian-friendly, or farm-to-table restaurants. Alternatively, you can go for family-run food joints since most of them tend to be cautious about their menu.

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Tia Lloyd has been an at home wife and mom for the past 20+ years and is just now getting the chance to flex her writing fingers. When she’s not writing, she’s spending her days finding new recipes to try out on her family or planning her next holiday party.

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