Elephant kills a man video is graphic!
Photo Credit To The Shillong Times

Elephant kills a man video is graphic!

Elephant kills man video shows how strong and deadly an elephant can really be!

Don’t ever underestimate an Elephant off! This video proves wild animals should be left well alone! This elephant kills man video is one of many, in this extremely graphic video collection around the world. We as human should have learnt by now that wild animals are exactly that, wild!

There should be no need to interfere with a wild animal unless needed, to either save a species from extinction, or if that animal is in need that only human intervention can help.

This compilation of Elephants going crazy and killing people is tragic, but at the end of the day these animals are being use for human entertainment.

So who is in the wrong? The Elephant? The Human?…

In my eyes I would say the humans, for taking this graceful animal out of the wild and subject it to being rode around with many on it’s back!

What do you think?

We wouldn’t be happy about something riding around on our backs would we? Being kept prisoner away from our family, and the habitat we call home.

So you can’t blame the animal for effectively losing the plot, and going mental towards everyone and everything around it.

This distressed Elephant even starts attacking other captive Elephants.

Now I’m not heartless, I really do feel sorry for the man who got horrifically killed and for his family. Tragedies like this should never happen!

Another example of a caged animal tragedy, is when a mentally unstable man jumps into a lions cage.

How he even got in this animals cage I do not know, there should have been more security when dealing with such a deadly animal!

Thanks for watching!

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