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google fined for breach of EU competition laws


EU has hit Google with a massive €1.49billion fine!

Eu fines Google over 1Billion for competition law breaches

Google has been landed with a record €1.49billion fine from the EU over restricting its competitors adverts in it’s adsence program!

Google has made it a third time now for breaching competition laws with its popular Adsense service.

You would think the giant would have learnt from the past 2 times, obviously not!

In an announcement the EU’s competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager said that Google has failed again, by restricting its competition from appearing in search results, from its Adsense program.

In this illegal practice Google has tried to cement its presence as top dog and become the dominant player.

Ms Vestager also stated:

“They shouldn’t do that – it denied consumers choice, innovative products and fair prices,”

google gets another fine from the EU picture shows a neon sign
Google neon sign

In a response to the recent fine, Google said that to address the EU commission’s concerns it had made big changes.

See Google, rigging the system to out-do your competitors really doesn’t pay off! Especially 3 times running now, think it’s time to just give up and follow the law my friend.

According to the EU competition laws investigation, Google had been including exclusivity clauses in all its contracts with publishers since 2006! Shocking!

Then in 2009 this clause was faded out and replaced with a new form of restriction called ‘premium placement’. This new clause prevented rival companies ads from landing in the best spots on search pages. Again, shocking!

Talking about the Google breach at the EU commission

Google actually is the dominent player in the market with an 85% share, the EU commisions findings stated that this has been from at least 2006.

In another EU statement they said:

“Google has abused this market dominance by preventing rivals from competing in the online search advertising intermediation market,”

The fine is equal to only a minute 1.29% of the dominant giants revenue in 2018. But don’t fear fellow publishers, Google is still wide open to lawsuits from any individual publisher affected!

What is the total ammount Google has been fined by the EU?

Hold on to your hats! It is an eye-watering total of €8.23bn (£7bn). Holy s*** and yet they still continue to do it! The mind boggles!

So, this may not be the last fine we see from Google, investigations are still ongoing into wether the local search and job search market were compliant with the competition law as well.

We hope so Google, we really do! But if your after waisting massive ammounts of money then just send me a few million instead 🙂

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