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facebook instagram whatsapp and messenger down affecting millions in outage


Facebook is down, including Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp! Using it’s rival Twitter to explain why.

Facebook went down early Thursday morning 13/03/2019 and is expected to be back fully up and running later on today 14/03/2019.

In the biggest outage in Facebook history millions of users were left twiddling there thumbs yesterday, getting error messages instead of funny memes and selfies!

facebook error message during massive outage in 2019
Facebook down error message users have been facing.

The outage lasted more than 14 hours so far and effected millions of people around the world. This is believed to be the largest outage ever suffered.

In a funny twist of events Facebook was forced to use its rivals platform Twitter to inform its users of the problem.

Not only has this outage affected Facebook, but also Facebook’s owned group of apps, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger where users reported not being able to post content or access services.

Instagram looked to be back early this morning at 12:41am ET, users saw Instagram post a gif of Oprah Winfrey and a message saying: “Anddd We’re back!”

The biggest concern was to large advertisers that spend thousands per day to attract customers, that outage has hit them hard, including news and media outlets that rely on Facebook to generate traffic to their websites!

Facebook down in biggest outage in history, millions effected.
Facebook down in biggest outage in history, effecting millions of users.

Facebook currently has over 2.3 Billion users and Instagram over 1 Billion users, so this outage has been a big blow.

Since Twitter is not Facebook owned, users naturally vented their frustrations out using tweets.

Trending tweets such as #FacebookDown and #InstagramDown.

Facebook had to take to its rival Twitter to explain its outage.

People naturally speculated that Facebook was the target of a (DDos attack) Domain Denial Of Service attack, this type of attack is used by hackers to repeatedly flood a network with hundreds of thousands of requests per second, forcing Its server to shutdown.

Down detector a website that reports outages for any website showed the scale of the issue, showing that 39% of people couldn’t login, 33% couldn’t interact with their newsfeed and 30% had a total blackout.

Facebook has not released a new update as of yet.

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