Fingers of steel, Finger skateboard world champion!
Photo Credit To Sebastian Linda

Fingers of steel, Finger skateboard world champion!

Finger Skateboard world champion video

Watch Sebastian Linda, finger skateboard world champion, perform amazing tricks with his miniature skateboard in this viral video.

What is a finger Skateboard (fingerboard)?

A finger skateboard is a miniature version of a normal skateboard, but it's meant to be played with using your fingers on a desk etc. The fingerboard originally meant for kids has an adult following, the cool little gadget even has competition to see who can perform the best tricks!

Just like shown I this video, the current world champion Sebastian Linda shows of some tricks, that won him the title of world champion finger boarder.

Where can I buy one of these finger skateboards?

You can buy this cool finger board at amazon here - buy finger board at amazon

What a cool little gadget! Who wants one? I certainly do for the office!

Fingers of Steel from Sebastian Linda on Vimeo.

Post source : Sebastian Linda

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