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Mozilla Firefox Send new file sharing service with self destructing encrypted files


Firefox Send will make you feel like a spy!

Mozilla launches a brand new service called Firefox Send that uses self destructing files.

Yes self-destructing you heard right, Mozilla is launching a new service that rivals James Bond gadgets called Firefox Send.

The massive not for profit organisation has launched a brand new service, that is fully encrypted with built in self destruction, to its file sharing platform, Firefox send.

So what is Firefox Send I hear you say? Well, the service allows you to send files up-to 1GB for any user, which is pretty amazing as is so to speak. To upgrade your capacity to send larger files up-to 2.5GB if you sign up to a free Firefox account.

What sets Mozilla’s new service apart from the rest is that they currently only offer a free service, unlike any comparable file sharing service on the web to date!

Firefox Send homepage for sending encrypted self destructing files from.
Firefox send welcome page ready to upload a file.

When you send a file to someone on Firefox Send your file link is set to expire in a certain amount of time, or after a set number of downloads people use.

How do I use Firefox Send?

If you want to send a file through Mozilla’s new service just visit Firefox Send and simply upload any file you choose by clicking the blue button ‘select files to send’.

The site has a great added bonus of no advertisements or pesky popups, the things that users often hate about free file sharing websites! Let’s all agree, popups are extremely annoying!

Let’s talk about self-destructing files … So as you now know, you can have your files completely disappear in a James Bond esque style self destruct! You can choose from 5 minutes up or after a single user download.

The maximum length of time a file can exist to date is currently 100 downloads or up to 7 days.

send and recieve encrypted files using firefox send by mozilla
Example of the Firefox Send user interface for sending and receiving encrypted self destructing files free.

If this wasn’t enough Firefox also gives you the option to make your file more secure, by offering a password encrypted upload.

This new service is what we have all been waiting for, think about sharing a file in a staffing scenario, i.e. a colleague is working from home today but you need them to see some sensitive company data!

Easy, send them the file fully encrypted and password protected, with a 1 download limit use using Firefox Send.

Final thought, I love it! This is the futuristic tech we need.

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