Free money scamming slot machines and atm’s video

Free money scamming slot machines and atm’s video

Free money scamming slot machines atms video

This video shows the elaborate ways con men got free money scamming slot machines and atm's in a big way! Watch this viral video and see just how they managed to pull off raiding millions of dollars using ingenious methods.

Take the information in this video and protect yourself from being scammed, the main card machine scam in 2017 is card skimmers, they are everywhere!

What is a card skimmer?

A card skimmer is a device that fraudsters have made containing microchips and cameras. The skimmer is larger than the atm's original card slot so it can be placed over and look like the real one. These skimmers are so realistic that you wouldn't notice if you wasn't looking out for them.

Once you insert your card into the atm machine the skimmer reads your cards data, using the black strip you see on your card. The tiny camera that is used on the skimmer is positioned to be able to see you entering your personal pin number.

The skimmer device will remain on the machine for a day or so collecting hundreds, if not thousands of cards worth of data! Once the criminal gangs have collected this data they produce fake bank cards, armed with your pin numbers the camera recorded.

The fake cards are either sold on to other criminal gangs or are used to withdraw cash all over the world, they do have your pin number so this is easy pickings for the fraudsters!

Free money scamming slot machines will land you in jail!

Yes it may seem to good to be true, but casino security is a sophisticated business. They have cameras and security teams everywhere, and I mean everywhere... you can't even piss without being seen!

That's why all the people in this video have been caught, after a profile of their crimes and gang members have been made, the FBI then swoop in to give them free B&B in costa del prison.

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