Funny drunk people video, international version!
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Funny drunk people video, international version!

Funny drunk people video international version!

Watch this funny drunk people video from our friends overseas, very drunk and struggling to function normally. Thanks to drunk people all over the world, our lives are much brighter! Alcohol, creating great stories for the masses.

Why does alcohol make me drunk?

Alcohol intoxication or being drunk as we commonly know it, is a result of alcohol (ethanol) entering the bloodstream faster than the body can break it down using your liver! The liver is a vital organ in our bodies, we should look after it although in this day and age we all like a good drink!

What does the liver actually do?

The wonderful organ called the liver has a wide range of different functions. The livers main function we all know about is detoxification of toxins within our body, alcohol being one on them! The Liver also synthesizes proteins and produces biochemical to aid in digestion.

The liver is effectively a gland, it produces bile which is an alkaline compound to help us with digestion. The bile is stored within our gall bladder which sits neatly under our liver, sort of a partner to the liver.

What happens if I abuse my liver?

Consistent abuse of the liver, including excessive heavy drinking and the abuse of prescription drugs, as well as illegal drugs, will damage the liver decreasing its function. Once the liver has been damaged, there is no way at the moment to recover its full function. The only way at the moment is to have a live liver transplant if things get really bad or the use of dialysis, we are yet to discover how to make an artificial liver. One day hopefully this will all change!

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