Funny Mouthguard challenge video, with the Chuckle Brothers.
Photo Credit To Cornish Chuckle Brothers

Funny Mouthguard challenge video, with the Chuckle Brothers.

Funny mouthguard challenge video

Watch these 2 Cornish Chuckle Brothers attempt the Mouthguard challenge in this extremely funny video. You are guaranteed a laugh watching these 2 comedians take each other on. Watch the funny mouthguard challenge video here.

Who are the real Chuckle Brothers?

Well, these 2 extremely funny characters are a pair of brothers, Barry David Elliot and Paul Harman Elliot. Born in the UK were a big hit in the 80's, on children's TV, aired on the BBC.

Challenge your mates like in the video, you can buy mouthguards (dental mouth openers) here.

We can't stop laughing at this funny mouthguard challenge, these guys are so infectious with their laughs! One word, Genius!

Credits: Cornish Chuckle Brothers

Post source : Cornish Chuckle Brothers

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