funny party game ideas for your next party!
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funny party game ideas for your next party!

Funny party game ideas video will make your party remembered forever!

Try these funny party game ideas out with your friends at your next get together, you will be the king of parties. What's a party without booze and party games? Let us know if these party games are a hit at your next shin-dig.

We all love a good party and we all love to act the fool when drunk, these party games will give you loads of ideas for your next epic party!

Why do we love a good party game?

Party games are a way of bringing people together through humour and silliness, they are a great way of making new friends and getting everyone at the party involved which might otherwise not happen?

I have been to quite a few parties in my time that involved some of the games in the video, I have to say that they were the best I've ever had!

My most favourite party game has to be when a balloon is tied to someone's bottom and your team mates have to try to pop it without using their hands or feet. You can imagine the funny ways they try to do this 🙂 especially when pissed up!

What are your best memories of a party game? and which one is your favourite? Tell me in the comments below, I can't wait to hear them 🙂

We will have you laughing in no time!

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