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google kills burger king advert

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Google kills Burger King advert due to massive flaw!

Google kills Burger King advert

[dropcap color=”#” bgcolor=”#” sradius=”0″]B[/dropcap]urger King had a massive dilemma when it came to its new 15 second advert about it’s Whopper burger! So Google kills Burger King advert due to public causing havoc with the Wikipedia page about the whopper.

The public go wild on Wikipedia

Since Googles help device grabs data straight from Wikipedia, cunning members of the public have been editing the Whoppers Wikipedia page adding their own spin on the burger. One member of the public added cyanide to the list of ingredients, whilst another added a child! You can see how this affected Burger king as ask google was quoting straight from the Wikipedia page 🙂

Google pulls the plug

Google had to make the decision to pull the plug when it came to ask Google quoting from Wikipedia, since Google states its device is ad free! This caused a bit of an embarrassment for google and Burger King.

Burger King tackles Wikipedia

Burger King has had to stop public editing within the Whoppers Wiki page due to constant re editing from the public. In a statement from Burger King, they fully denied is was to do with them! People could see this as a [publicity stunt, but nope not this time.

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