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gordon ramsay loses weight eating more the michelin star chef wins at fat loss diet- viral cloud media


Gordon Ramsay diet: Lose four stone eating more – diet revealed!

gordon ramsay before and after weight loss diet

Gordon Ramsay, the Scottish, world renowned chef, from the British isles, shows just how easy it is to drop them pounds by eating more!

Ramsay, the foul mouthed restauranteur shows how easy it is to tell the weight to fuck off, by eating more.

The super star chef revealed his transformation on his 4.5 million Instagram account @gordongram, Gordon was pictured without the flab, sporting a new, less flabby Ramsay!

Gordon ramsay Michelin star chef loses weight eating more
Gordon Ramsay before and after he lost weight, through eating more on a better diet!

Before a triathlon event, which obviously helps, Gordon captioned the image:

“Iron Chef to Ironman for @greatormondst #teamramsay London Triathlon can’t wait ! Great way to shake off jet lag…. good luck and congrats to all athletes and a BIG THANK YOU to all the volunteers & sponsors couldn’t do it with out you!”.

So exactly how much has the fucking fat bastard lost?…

Hats of to you Gordon, at his heaviest 270 pounds (19 stone) he obviously wanted to make a change and show us all we can make a change, as well as eat well.

The Michelin star chef dropped 50 pounds (3.6 stone) Keep doing what your doing pal, the pounds are flying off!

So… as you may have guessed up to now, Ramsays key to loosing weight was eating more.

gordon ramsay losing weight eating more on oatmeal viral cloud media
Gordon Ramsay showing how eating well looses weight and makes you healthier!

Let’s delve into how…

In a statement Gordons key was eating at least 5 times a day but in much smaller portions!

“I’m very good now at eating five times a day, but small amounts as opposed to a big breakfast, big lunch and big dinner,”

Starting his breakfast with a hearty Scottish staple of oatmeal porridge, then 5+ smaller meal portions, you can be chucking that Kabir too in no time!

As from the mouth of the celebrity Scot:

“I have a breakfast with oatmeal, that’s the first thing, and that sets me up for the rest of the day.”

Final thought from Gordon… Fuck off out my kitchen! 🙂

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