Guy destroys wasp nest with bare hands!
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Guy destroys wasp nest with bare hands!

Guy destroys wasp nest bare hands, must be insane!

Check out this chap out, he has balls of steel! This guy destroys wasp nest bare hands like its nothing! You my friend are seriously messed up! Why on earth would you consider doing this unless you are drunk or a bit tapped in the head?

What is a wasp nest?

A wasp nest is a bit of a masterpiece made by wasps. A typical nest is made up of paper, which the wasp has made by chewing up wood fibres. The paper wasp for example has a nest that has a honey comb construction and is entirely made out of paper. The paper wasps fill these small honey comb capsules with larvae and tend to them until they mature.

guy destroys wasp nest bare hands

Inside the wasps nest showing larvae in the honey combs

guy destroys wasp nest bare hands

How big can wasps grow?

To tell you the scary truth, wasps can grow up to around 2 inches in length! The giant hornet does just that! This is one scary looking insect, wouldn't want a sting of one of these hornets, that's for sure!

The Asian Giant Hornet

guy destroys wasps nest bare hands

No thank you! Kill it now, kill it with fire! Arghhhhh....

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