What happened when Portugal decriminalised illegal drugs?
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What happened when Portugal decriminalised illegal drugs?

Portugal decriminalised illegal drugs back in 2001, has it worked?

Way back in 2001 Portugal decriminalised illegal drugs and concentrated their efforts on helping addicts, rather than treating them as criminals.

In this bold and unprecedented move, Portugal has actually remoulded the drug scene and helped thousands of people break the grip on drugs.

Should all illegal drugs everywhere in the world be made legal?

This is the biggest conundrum we have faced for decades, personally I think we all should follow suit and wipe the black market clean of the drug trade.

Watch this video on the worlds most dangerous and scary drugs and see why something needs to be done!

What would this mean if the world followed suit and decriminalised illegal drugs?

For 1 the drug trade could be regulated and countless deaths could be thwarted.

Another reason is as Portugal has shown, efforts and funds could be focused on the prevention and the rehabilitation of drug users and their use.

The black market and illegal activities surrounding the drug trade would be wiped out saving billions of pounds per year, gang wars and murders would decrease over time.

It's a scary prospect for many governments to comprehend, we need to stand together and unite in change, a change for the wellbeing of future generations!

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