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home security systems everything you need to know


Home Security Systems: Types And Advantages Of Having A Home Security System

The idea of securing our residences in today’s world is not just a good idea; it is essential. There have been several cases of burglaries. You don’t want to be the next victim of a situation such as home security breach.

The only solution to solving this is by integrating home security system into our residences. Having a good home security system changes how you feel a great deal; You will be very confident when you leave your house for work, be at peace when you go sleeping at night, and you also feel secure enough with your family.

The knowledge that your home, your family and your property are safe is the peace of mind everybody deserves. Home security refers to both the safety of the tangibles and also personal security that has been put in place.

Tangibles security include alarm system, security camera systems, locks, lighting and movement detectors and many others that installed on a property. Personal protection involves activities such as making sure that windows are closed, extra keys are not hidden, doors are locked, and alarms are activated.

The forms of home security that ensures that one has their homes secure include burglary, physical security, crimes involving property, self-defense, and many others.

Burglary is the illegal entrance into a building or an apartment with a reason to commit an offense; in many cases, the crime is stealing.

Physical security describes security measures that are put in place to prevent unauthorized access to buildings and to protect property from damage. These measures include CCTV surveillance, security guards, protective barriers, locks, access control, and several other methods.

home security systems what do i need
Different types of Home Security Systems

Types of the home security system

1. Use of local alarms

Local alarms include sensors, which are placed on doors and windows.
How they work: when their circuit is broken an alarm sounds. Local signals are of two types that is, wired, wireless, monitored or unmonitored:

(a). Wired alarm system

An alarm system involves a control panel and wired sensors and movement detectors. The cameras included with this system are a wire as well.
How they work: when something or someone trips on the system, the alarm sounds. In any case that the home security system is monitored, the company monitoring then ties calling the owner and also emergency agencies.

(b). Wireless alarm system

Wireless alarm systems’ functioning is almost as of wired alarm system. The only difference is that they don’t have wires. How they work: when the sensors or movement detector switches off, the alarm sounds. In case the home security system is monitored. The owner of the apartment is notified. This home security system can also have cameras, and this depends on the provider you have chosen to control the security system.

(c). Unmonitored home alarm system

Unmonitored home alarm security system relies on you or someone else near your home to inform the authorities in case of an emergency.
Audio and visual alarms are triggered anytime your system is tripped; the difference is that a monitoring center is not notified to give help on your home security.

(d). Monitored home alarm system

Monitored home alarm not only alert the monitoring agency to send help when an emergency happens, but they also warn you.

They have features like:

  • They use easy –to- control panels
  • They have wireless keypads and key-chains so that you can control your alarm system anywhere inside the apartment
  • They have movement sensors that trigger an audible alarm to scare off intruders.
  • They have mobile solutions that allow you to arm or disarm your system and get notifications through your computer or iPhone about your home security.
  • Uninterruptible power supplies that continually supply power to ensure continuous observation of your security system
  • They have cellular back up that prevents weather or any interference with their communication.
what do i need for a home security system

Advantages of using local alarms:

  • i. You can take them anywhere with you, especially the wireless 
  • ii. Their installation is easy; this implies that even persons without skill in technology can also install them 
  • iii. You can also do the installation of the wireless and the wired alarms on your own. 

Disadvantages of alarm systems:

  • i. They have batteries which require regular replacement, and this is expensive. 
  • ii. Their installation is costly.

2.Use of doorbell camera:

This is a newly developed home security feature. This helps you to see who is at the front door.
It has an inbuilt home security surveillance camera that allows you to observe it form any phone or computer.
How it works: it enables you to view who is at the door without making your presence known.
This way, you don’t have to let a stranger or an intruder know that you are at home or inside the building.
It allows you to view a live video from outside your front door through your computer or your phone.

Advantages of using doorbell camera:

  • They provide an HD video for monitoring 
  • They have two-way audio for communication 
  • They can detect motion 
  • You can view them from any smart device. 
  • They offer full-color night vision. 
  • They provide a complete home security feature.
home fire alarm system everything you need to know for home security
Home smoke alarm system

2. Fire alarm system

It consists of several devices working together to detect and alert you via visual and audio appliances when smoke or fire is present. These alarms are automatically activated by the presence of smoke, heat or also through manual fire alarm activation devices. This ensures home security.

3. Use of burglar-proof doors

This involves the use of entries that are designed to be secure and to frustrate any attempt of burglary or unauthorized access.

Benefits of putting home security in place

  1. To protect valuables: this is the topmost reason people think of when they want to install a security system.
  2. To prevent crimes: having a security system does not only protect your surrounding but also protects the neighborhood form any sorts of crime.
  3. To allow authorized access to your residence: digital security systems allow you to monitor what’s happening in your home when your absent, this includes your thermostats, door locks, lights and other devices at your home.
  4. To make room for peace of mind: the idea of having your family and your property secure gives you peace of mind.
  5. To lower the insurance of the homeowner: by reducing the cost to be paid to security system monthly.
  6. To notify one of fire or gas problems: if your smoke, heat or carbon iv oxide alarm goes off when you’re away from home, you can set it up, so authorities are immediately notified.

Titan Alarms is a Tulsa home security specialist. Titan Alarms provides home security for your home or business including alarms, cameras and fire systems.

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