Homemade Fidget spinner spins 99999rpm
Photo Credit To Giaco Whatever

Homemade Fidget spinner spins 99999rpm

Homemade Fidget spinner spins 99999rpm is crazy fast!

This guy builds his own Fidget spinner in his workshop, his homemade fidget spinner spins 99999rpm which is incredibly fast! Watch his video.

So how did he build the worlds fastest fidget spinner?

The guy behind YouTube channel Giaco Whatever, decided to build his own fidget spinner and see exactly how fast he can make this thing spin!

He starts off with an offcut of solid aluminium bar, he cuts off about a 1/2 inch slice.

Next step is to measure the ball bearing wheel size using a Vernier caliper, this caliper accurately measures any objects size.

Once the size has been found he selects a drill bit exactly the same size and drills out the centre of the fidget spinner on a metal lathe.

Ready for his ball bearing placement.

Next he needs to drill symmetrical holes around the edges of the spinner, for balance and for airflow.

Using the metal lathe again he starts to remove the discrepancies drilling holes made and to make sure the spinner is perfectly smooth.

To do this he uses a special cutting tool attached to the lathe, this allows for extremely tiny slithers of metal to be removed at a time.

After the lathe process its time to glue in the ball bearing wheel to the centre hole drilled earlier.

Once the glue has fully cured (dried) he polishes the spinner using very fine sandpaper and buffing cloths.

This removes any excess glue that has squeezed out during the bearing setting process.

It also creates a pristine surface area that will make the spinner more aero dynamic 🙂

Now for the fun part testing the fidget spinner using an air line!

Time for the big air compressor to hit the scene!

Using the air gun attachment on his compressor he manages to get 350psi.

I wouldn't recommend using this whilst holding the spinner in your hand as I have witnessed various accidents and damage this way.

I would always recommend clamping it to a vice and wear a face mask! Be warned!

Anyway enough of the red tape, as shown in the video his Tachymeter stops measuring rpm at 99999rpm as that's as high as it measures!

Yes extremely fast! The fidget spinner even sounds like a jet engine in some parts of the video, cool eh?

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Post source : Giaco Whatever

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