Horrific elevator deaths WARNING GRAPHIC!

Horrific elevator deaths WARNING GRAPHIC!

Horrific elevator death and injuries caught on camera will make you think twice about using an elevator again!

These Elevator CCTV cameras catch the moment elevators go wrong, causing horrific injuries and death. Be warned, if you are sensitive to graphic injuries please close this video.

These horrific elevator deaths are exactly why some people are scared of them, with all the stories your hear and videos like this I'm not surprised!

Anything mechanical in this man-made world has the potential to fail, but sometimes when it does it has drastic effects!

In certain countries health and safety laws are a whole lot different to the ones we are used to, and things sometimes are not up to standard.

These elevators may not have been serviced properly, if at all, resulting in catastrophic failure.

Unfortunately the people in this video were not so lucky, but this video is a warning to show the dangers of elevators not maintained.

One man caused his own death by ramming into an elevator door several times, on his mobility scooter, causing him to smash through and plummet to his death down the lift shaft.

This was through anger and could have totally been avoided.

Another man got stuck between the elevator door and was slowly crushed to death when the lift began moving.

This horrific elevator deaths was hard to watch, the poor guy was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

My heart goes out to them all.

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