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How to track employees using Android spy app?

The corporate world these days based on highly technological advancements. Otherwise, it is impossible for business organizations to flourish or to get productivity to compare to their competitors. Therefore employers of the business firms love to equip their employees with different types of digital devices including Android cell phones and gadgets.

 Employers use these android phones and tablets to check emails, make phone calls, communication activities with fellow employees to manage assigned tasks and to store data including company’s secret information.

In addition, these digital devices are very crucial for employees to run tasks with sheer pace to make productive activities. Therefore, business-related android devices are sensitive in terms of having confidentiality.

 Therefore, employers have to keep an eye on the company’s owned important gadgets in order to protect the data, keeping looking on employees activities within the working hours. So, they desperately want to get their hands on the android spy app to track employees.

How to get android spy software to monitor employees?

There is no rocket science about it that you need to build it. You just need to use your personal smartphone or any other digital device browser that should have internet access. Furthermore, you need to visit the official web page of cell phone tracking software for Android. The moment you are on the page you need to perform the following crucial steps that lead you towards the best phone spy app for android in the business today.

Step1: Subscribe for mobile phone spy software for android

Once you have used the cell phone browser and you have access on the web page then subscribe for cell phone tracking software. Then you instantly receive an email alongside the passcode and ID. Now take a step ahead.

Step2: Take the target device into the hands for a while

Now you need to have physical access on the target device. The moment you have possession of the target mobile phone or gadget then instantly start the process of installation on the company’s owned cell phone or gadget of android OS. When the installation process got completed then the next moment you should activate it on the target device. Furthermore, you may encounter with a pop –up message on the screen, use it and you will be able to hide the phone spy software on android.

Step3: Use procured credentials to visit the web portal

In addition, you can use the passcode and ID to have access to the online control panel of the cell phone surveillance software. Now you further visit the tools that empower you to monitor employee’s activities on android to the fullest, in real –time, with sheer power and accuracy.

Use Android monitoring software tools to track employees

Live screen recording

Employers can remotely track the screen of the employee’s Android devices using live screen recorder software. It enables you to record the activities happen on the android screen in real –time. You can record short videos of the screen back to back and further record screen in terms of chrome screen recording, SMS, email, social messaging apps and applied passwords and plenty of other things alike.

Email monitoring

Employers can remotely monitor emails or Gmail sent received on the target android device. It certainly empowers you to read the content of the emails and you will be able to know the purpose of these emails on the company’s owned android device.

Text messages monitoring

Employers can read the sent received text messages of employees on android using text messages spy app for android. In addition, you can monitor or track SMS, MMS and heads up notifications.

IM’s logs without rooting

Now you can monitor employee’s communication on social media apps without rooting the target Android devices. You can spy on text messages, conversations, audio video conversations, and audio-video call logs and last but not the least Voice messages logs. It means employers can get to know about the communication happen between the employees and the nature of the communication on social media apps installed on a target device.

Android remote controller

It certainly empowers employers to stop any illegal activity on the company’s owned devices of android OS. You can view installed apps, block messages, block phone calls, and last but not the least access of internet on android to prevent all the fishy activities in real –time using mobile phone tracking software.


Employers can track employees all types of activities they perform on the company’s owned android devices using android phone spy software.

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