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idiots video goes viral

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Idiots video goes viral. Watch it here!

This Idiots video is way too funny

Becoming an idiot is in your genetics but in this fucking idiots video one needs an extra special idiocy. Do you know someone with this special talent? Laughs are few and far between, but these great specimens of life take it to a whole new level… Laughs all around!

Why idiots have no common sense?

To tell you the truth, some people generally put it on to make themselves funnier! Don’t get me wrong this is not a bad thing. we all need a laugh now and again in our lives. I used to be one of them so called idiot pranksters back in the day, maybe we all have at sometime in our lives?

These guys take it to a whole new level though, there idiocy is a maintained consciousness that they can not shake! Maybe a built in thing from generation to generation? Who knows ? All I know is the people that are friends with this sort of character know! And I mean they definitely know!

As soon as a shindig or party I arranged people tend to rely on their ‘idiot’ mates to set the tone! Cameras at the ready, it’s video time!

What makes people idiots?

People or humans as a whole aren’t idiots, Its the way of life we are brought up in that dictates our intellect. To set the record straight I love to have a group of mates that varies in funniness and idiocy, intelligence etc. etc. Why? Well because if we were all the same wouldn’t it be boring? yup, very boring! Having a variety of friends that differentiate from each other makes life exciting and fun!

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