Is Being Poor Linked With Being Single?

Is Being Poor Linked With Being Single?

When you are talking about how likely a man is to get a date, there will always be a focus on money. Many women say that they are only looking for a man with a good sense of humour and of course, looks will always be a factor but it seems as though there is a greater level of importance placed on how much money a man has. This is something that many people will try to deny because there is a suggestion that placing money as a key factor is shallow behaviour but a recent study suggests that men who come from a poor background are more likely to be single.

The study has been undertaken by the Institute for Fiscal Studies, the IFS, and they have found that men who hail from poor backgrounds are twice as likely to be alone or without a partner when they reach their early 40s than ,men who hail from richer backgrounds. The study found that this group will likely earn less money and if they are to marry, they will more likely marry women with a lower level of income. This strengthens these trends and it makes them more likely that the poverty trend will continue on to the next generation. The study suggests that this negatively impacts on the level of social mobility.

The Government is under pressure to do more for people

This study by itself raises a few interesting points but when taken in the context of the Government and their promise to “build an economy that works for everyone”, there is a need to examine the actions of the Government and whether they are doing enough to help the people who are just getting by in life.

It is not just the dating aspect of life that people from poorer backgrounds feel as though they are being left behind with, there are other factors to consider too. Studies suggest that people who have been born into a poor family or who are brought up in poverty will have a shorter life expectancy. There is also the fact that white working class boys have a far lower chance of going to University than rich boys.

Given these outcomes and scenarios are based on what has already happened, the fact that prices are now outstripping wages, which is occurring in the wake of Brexit, there has to be genuine concerns that people are being left behind or overlooked when it comes to moving forward in life.

Life can be difficult when you have a low-income level

The IFS study is based on a report that surveyed people who were born back in 1970 and which has stayed in touch with these people over the years. The latest study of these people found that 33% of men who were aged 42 and who hail from the poorest section of families didn’t live with a partner. In comparison, when it comes to men from high income backgrounds, this is around 14%.

When you also take on board that the men from lower-income levels not only have a lower rate or marriage, they also have a higher rate of divorce, it becomes clear that obtaining and maintaining a relationship is extremely difficult for people from a lower-income level.

The fact that the earnings gap between the rich and the poor is widening is a concern for many people and it is likely that future reports and studies will show even more disparity. People who haven’t lived in poverty can sometimes struggle to take on board the pressure and stress that comes with living this life. This is a big factor in why so many people who live in poverty struggle to arrange relationships or to maintain them as life goes on.

The pressure of finding money at short notice to pay bills can be very dispiriting and when this happens on a frequent basis, it is understandable that many people start to get down about the situation. Help is available for one-off bills but anyone facing these problems on a regular basis needs to find a solution that helps them manage their finances better.

There is no denying that life in poverty can be challenging and this latest report will do nothing to lift the mood or give cause for optimism amongst men who are struggling financially.

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