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Is Google making a games console to rival Xbox and Playstation? They might be.

You heard right, Google have big plans for a brand new console to hit the market!

Releasing an extremely cryptic video showing state of the art graphics, 3-D environments, and high-density rendering ahead of the upcoming game developers conference, Google added the caption:

“Gather around as we unveil Google’s vision for the future”

Very exciting stuff!

Google has been a presence at the game developers conference in the past, unveiling tech such as leading AR/VR products.

This year will be different since Google has been working on massive developments in its Project stream beta test. Google seems lubed up and ready to rock the boat and become a behemoth in the gaming world!

When a giant like Google say they are going to hit something hard, you better get ready for impact.

Is it true Google are making a new games console?

Well, it is hard to say really because of the cryptic messages and videos, but as reported by Ars Technica, the clues are there.

Senior vice president of hardware at Google, Rick Osterloh, posted the above video to his personal twitter account, raising suspicion that he is involved in a big way!

As well as the Senior Vice President of hardware’s involvement, Ars Technica also found that Google has created a page on it store for the Game Developers Conference livestream!

Why reserve precious space on it’s store if It is not planning to unveil some sort of new device? Hmm, I will let you decide on this one, seems very suspicious!

game developers conference to unveil googles tech plans
The entrance to the Game Developers Conference

Has Google ever made a games console?

The guys at Google have never been interested in the games console race, like would-be-rivals PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox have been involved in. That said, this won’t be the first time Google has released game ready software.

Don’t forget any Android phone is capable of running games and then there’s Google Pixel.

Google also released the Nexus player back in 2004, which essentially was a tv player and mini-games console capable of playing games straight from Google’s massive library of android games!

Forgot about the Nexus Player didn’t you? Don’t worry I did too! The Nexus was short lived and is now a forgotten relic.

This is a diagram of a controller for a games console Google filed a patent for in January 2019.

Google has filed a patent for a games controller what does this mean?

PC Gamer said that it is not actually for a games console controller, but more focused on specific things like a notification system for a controller.

The concept design by Google has an interface for leader board status, Friend invites and some app related functions.

So who knows, maybe we will see a new console by Google, or maybe we won’t? We will just have to hope and wait.

What is this project Stream by Google?

released last year in October 2018, Google unleashed it’s crazy new streaming technology to a select few lucky beta testers.

The tech allowed those lucky participants to play Ubisoft’s recent game Assassins Creed: Odyssey right inside a Google Chrome browser.

Gamers needed at least a 25 megabits per second internet connection to pretty much play the game at full high quality. This is crazy stuff considering it was only 10 years ago we were playing crappy flash games, on a crappy internet connection.

google nexus player from 2004
The long forgotten Google Nexus Player, released in 2004

Here’s the mad part, the beta tester actually reported the game worked, gameplay was smooth and top notch to play, using either a controller or a keyboard and mouse combo.

So playing games in a browser without any lag is the future! The tech works because instead of a processor doing the heavy lifting, Google has utilized its own servers to deliver top-notch superfast gaming, straight to the comfort of your own computers browser!

When will Google announce it’s new plans?

Google will unveil what it’s up to on the 19th of March 2019. The video below will become live then.

Excited much?…

Googles big announcement will happen here!

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