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las vegas shootings 2017 graphic video

Graphic videos 18+

Las Vegas shootings 2017 ALL released footage-GRAPHIC

Graphic footage of all released videos from the Las Vegas shootings 2017.

Please be advised this video footage from the Las Vegas shootings 2017 is extremely graphic and may disturb some viewers.

This video has been compiled using all the released footage from people using their mobile phones during the shootings.

The world has gone mad and people are brutally getting murdered all over the world, most of it never gets released via the news or spoke of to silence the masses.

Some people are saying that this recent shooting in Las Vegas America is a ‘False Flag’.

What is a false flag? and what does it have to do with the Las Vegas shootings 2017?

A false flag is where a government use actors to fake terrorism, and also purposely use methods to kill people stirring up hatred among different races and religions.

You can read more on false flags here.

So, the Las Vegas shootings 2017… People have witnessed 2 windows that have been smashed in the side of Mandalay Bay Hotel where 1 shooter was supposed to have shot from.

But according to witnesses there was 2 people shooting from 2 different windows!

I will let you make your own assumptions up and collect your own evidence as I am not about to start a debate on false flags etc.

This video is only meant for educational purposes and to show the extreme violence going on in the world.

Thanks for reading and watching This video about the Las Vegas shootings 2017.

Why not check out this guy who gives the gunman the finger during the shootings What a guy! He really doesn’t give a f#*k!

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