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live better healthy lifestyle list video


All you ever need to live better-healthy lifestyle list

Want to live better? This healthy lifestyle list video will change your life the natural way!

We all want to live better and be healthy but sometimes struggle, or don’t know how?

This live better healthy lifestyle list video will show you, simple and easy changes you can do at home for free. It’s never been so easy!

Don’t feel like reading on? No problem, just watch the video above instead 🙂

7 harmful habits we think are good for us but in fact make things worse!

  1. You should take a nap after lunch? No, sleeping after lunch increases weight gain!
  2. Taking vitamins is good for your body? The truth is you should only take vitamins if a Doctor prescribes them, eat fruit and veg instead and you shouldn’t need them at all!
  3. You can sleep more at weekends? You should only sleep between 7-8 hours a night, every night!
  4. You should shower 1-2 times a day? You should only shower when you need to, your skin creates oils that protect itself.
  5. Your home should be perfectly clean? No, this increases the risk of allergies developing, a bit of dust builds a strong immune system, being to clean isn’t good for anyone!
  6. All sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun? Wrong! Cheap sunglasses are only tinted black, they don’t have protection against the suns harmful rays.
  7. You should use an alarm clock to wake up? This In fact is quite harmful, you should naturally wake up on your own. I will get more into this later on.

Tips to help train your brain and increase health!

live better healthy lifestyle list video

Sport to increase brain health

Sport activates the brain and provides the brain with a good flow of oxygen!

Reading to increase brain health

Reading trains the left hemisphere of the brain and improves your overall memory.

Music to increase brain health

Music, believe it or not, increases intellect and develops thinking skills. Who knew? time to crank up that radio!

Study languages to increase brain health

Yes, studying languages slows down the ageing of the brain and also raises productivity!

Playing video games to increase brain health

Now I’m not saying sit in front of a TV all day playing COD, but playing video games for a few hours will help improve your concentration, as well as increase your reaction speed.

What will happen to my body if I go to bed early every day?

live better healthy lifestyle list video

You will be surprised!

The optimal time for going to bed every night is between 9 O’clock and 10 O’clock. It’s probably going to take me until then to write this live better healthy lifestyle list haha!

If you do this you will start waking up in a great mood every morning. Result! no more ‘wrong side of the bed’ statuses!

You will also feel a rush of energy and strength from early on, great if you go to the gym in the morning!

Another great benefit of going to bed early, is that you will sleep less and have more time to enjoy life. Your productivity will increase 10 fold, who knows, you might even get a raise because of this?

Do you have bad skin and can’t seem to get rid of it? Get yourself to bed early and your prayers will be answered!

Another major benefit which is a big talking point in today’s society is weight gain. Let me tell you a little secret, going to bed early actually helps fight weight gain, and even sheds those pounds, for free!


Do you ever feel depressed or generally down in the dumps? Yeah, we can all get like that at times, you’re not alone.

Going to bed early fights depression, and makes you less susceptible to depression.

If you wake up tired, which I have quite a few times, it’s probably because you have gone to bed to late!

Here are some habits that will make you a highly effective leader!

live better healthy lifestyle list video

You may wonder why this is on the list, but being better at work also has its health benefits.

To be a highly effective leader you need to always keep learning, the best leaders never stop.

Always develop your staff and help them improve, they will be grateful for this and become more productive!

Another trait of an effective leader is to stay laser focused on the task in hand, you will never lose!

A good leader will communicate the future clearly. Meaning the set goals they want to achieve, come across clear and precise, for everyone to understand and move on forward with!

Time for the dreaded hire and fire bit.

Sometimes you have to fire employees, but only when necessary. A good leader will take their time to hire employees but will not take any prisoners and fire fast.

To be a good leader and role model the trick is to stay humble!

Don’t go around bragging and flashing your cash, it only irritates people and makes you look like a tw*t, you will lose respect from employees and friends alike!

Most importantly, you need to always embrace failure and learn from it, this trait will make you go far!

Listen to other people’s advice, you can’t always be right! Don’t blame others for your failures and mistakes.

This is a fast track way to lose valuable employees and fail again! Be warned!

Why your makeup brush can be your own worst enemy and cause health problems!

live better healthy lifestyle list video

Listen up ladies! You will be glad this one is on the live better healthy lifestyle list!

Your makeup brush is probably your most important tool in the makeup drawer right?

When was the last time you actually washed it? …once? …twice? …NEVER?

Uh oh, your makeup brush is a playground of bacteria, dead skin and old gone off makeup!

So why does this matter? Well if you don’t regularly clean your makeup brush once a week, you cause rashes and spots on your face, do you ever get this?

Urghh, how do I stop this? Easy! Fill a bowl with warm water and a few drops of shampoo, give your makeup brushes a good clean then pat dry with a towel.

Do not use a hairdryer to dry them, or any other crazy method!

You should be doing this once a week to maintain good hygiene, your skin will thank you later for this!

How will stopping eating fast food improve my health?

live better healthy lifestyle list video

Fast food is bad, simple as!

All fast food contains large amounts of salt, sugar, saturated fat, additives and preservatives.

If you cut out fast food this will happen within a month!

  1. Your intestines begin to function normally
  2. Your nervous system stabilizes
  3. The condition of your skin, hair and nails rapidly improves
  4. Your body weight decreases and metabolism normalizes
  5. The risk of a nasty cardiovascular disease in your heart decreases
  6. The risk of kidney disease decreases
  7. The condition of your teeth improves

This is great news! Think that’s good news see what happens within 6 months of cutting out that junk food!

  1. The risk of gastric and stomach ulcers decreases, great news if you suffer from them.
  2. Your skin tone improves helping you look younger
  3. Your endocrine profile improves, this effects your whole body with hormone, improving this helps with pregnancy, sperm condition, ovaries, thyroid, internal organs… the list goes on, but you can read more in-depth here.

Nutritionists say you can have fast food once a month, but recommend completely cutting it out altogether!

Sorry, no more burgers and pizza guys 🙁 Why? …The live better healthy lifestyle list says so, trust the list!

7 ways eating apples every day improve your health has made it to the live better healthy lifestyle
list! For good reason!

live better healthy lifestyle list video

  1. Apples keep your heart and blood vessels healthy
  2. Apples lower you bad cholesterol levels
  3. Apples protect against diabetes
  4. Apples help lose weight, this shocked me to
  5. Apples strengthen your bones
  6. Apples will give you nice teeth stopping tooth decay
  7. Another great use of apples is they stall Alzheimer’s disease

If I drink only water every day what will happen to me?

live better healthy lifestyle list video

Replacing all drinks with only water will help you to lose weight, forget all your tablets this is a great natural way to do this.

Another benefit of water is it increases your energy levels, this is a good thing if you struggle to motivate yourself on a day-to-day basis.

Your brain needs water, so drinking this free liquid will help your brain to work much better.

Do you find yourself over eating or eating just for the sake of it? were all guilty of this sometimes.

Drink water and you will find you don’t eat as much.

A well-known fact about water is that it flushes toxins out of your body, let the good times roll!

Fight of those nasty illnesses, drink plenty of water and say goodbye.

Your heart will most definitely thank you for replacing your drinks with just water, take red bull for example, it makes your heart beat faster! …not good!

Drinking natures finest will increase your hearts function.

Within a month of consuming just water, you will notice a vast improvement in the condition of your skin. Your pores become cleaner and your skin will feel like a babies, smooth to the touch! Yippee.

The live better healthy lifestyle list does it again! Result!

Now I’m all for this one, drinking red wine is good for you!

live better healthy lifestyle list video

Antioxidants in red wine fight against cancer, think I might crack open a bottle right now!

Your bodies immune system will become stronger due to the active chemicals found in wine, which make the body resistant to disease!

Want a slim figure? who doesn’t?

Red wine improves your body’s metabolism, keeping your beach body tip-top!

Wine has a special compound called Resveratrol which strengthens the values within your heart! Drink a glass and keep that ticker happy!

Drinking the odd glass of wine also staves of Alzheimer’s by improving the flow of blood to the brain! Is there nothing wine can’t do? Slurp…

Don’t want to lose your hearing? Wine can help with that, by suppressing inflammatory processes within the ear conch, your ears health improves!

Say what?!? Joke!

Find it hard reading the labels on liquor bottles? Well that’s because you’re not drinking red wine!

Red wine strengthens the lining of the capillaries within your eyes making your eyesight sharper. Double slurp.

Now don’t get stressed out, it’s no good for anyone! Drink wine its fun, and also fights stress by reducing adrenaline!

Time to get serious now, experts only recommend that you drink no more than one glass of wine a day.

Sorry guys, don’t think getting pissed everyday off a bottle of wine is a good thing, it’s not!

This one was my favourite on the live better healthy lifestyle list, I love my red wine!

What happens to my body if I give up alcohol?

live better healthy lifestyle list video

Apart from the odd small glass of wine here’s what happens after one week! trust the live better healthy lifestyle list!

  • Problems with sleep disappear

After 2 weeks of no alcohol.

  • Your metabolism returns to normal and you begin to lose weight, get rid of that dreaded beer belly!

After 3-4 weeks no alcohol.

  • Your blood pressure returns to normal helping your heart function better
  • Your brain starts to work better

After a month of no alcohol this happens.

  • Your hair colour improves giving it a more defined tone
  • Your skin colour also improves giving you that healthy glow

After 3 months of no alcohol (High five you) this is what happens to your body.

  • You find you are full of energy throughout the day!

Keep it up and your overall health only improves with time! It’s hard at the best of times, but if you manage it, your body will be a temple.

If I stop smoking what happens to my body?

live better healthy lifestyle list video

After just 20 minutes stopping smoking your body begins to improve, This starts with your heart beating normally.

It’s all uphill from here health wise.

  • After 12 hours carbon monoxide in your blood returns to normal
  • After 2 weeks the risk of heart attack falls and your lungs begin to work better
  • It takes around a year for the need for tobacco to properly disappear, your skin starts to take on a healthier colour
  • After 5 years the risk of stroke falls to that of a non smoker
  • After 10 years the risk of cancer falls

So what are you waiting for? It’s never to late to quit smoking, there’s help at your local General Practitioner or cessation clinics.

This one will be on most live better healthy lifestyle list and for good reason, it’s a number one killer!

5 Rules to maintain a healthy spine

live better healthy lifestyle list video

  1. Always wear a rucksack using the 2 straps provided, it may not look cool for you kids at school, but wearing your heavy rucksack with one strap, creates pressure on one side of your spine. Your creating problems later on in life!
  2. When driving always sit in an upright position with your back comfortably seated in the seat.
  3. When using your phone do you find yourself bending your head down to look at the screen? Don’t do this, look at your phone with your head straight, you are creating unwanted pressure on the back of your neck!
  4. Always lift heavy object with your legs bent, don’t just bend over and pick them up. Your risking hurting your back, use your legs to lift with, not your spine!
  5. Got an office job? sit with your back straight against your chair keeping your spine in an upright position.

Follow these tips and stave of a bad back! live better healthy lifestyle list middle finger up to no bad backs!

Is swimming good for my health? the live better healthy lifestyle list says yes!

live better healthy lifestyle list video

Yes, swimming is great exercise and full of health benefits!

During the first hour of swimming your stress and tension levels decrease, helping with your mood.

During swimming your repertory health is increased giving better lung function.  Great news if you have stopped smoking and need to get your breath back, so to speak.

Swimming is a great way to exert all your muscles, think of it like a whole body workout! live better healthy lifestyle list thumbs up!

After one week of swimming

  • Blood circulation improves
  • The mechanism for getting rid of cholesterol begins to work

After 2 weeks of swimming

  • Your mood improves
  • You start to sleep better

After 2 months of swimming

  • Your overall body fitness increases
  • Your posture improves
  • Your resistance to infection improves

After 6 months of swimming

  • You will have a trim and lean figure
  • You will be in a great state of health

So there you go, dig out that swimming costume and head to your local pool!

8 Minutes a day to change your body

live better healthy lifestyle list video

For every exercise do 30 seconds then rest 10 second. You might need to watch the video for reference on this section, and see exactly how to do each exercise.

Now this life hack is quick and deserves to be on the live better healthy lifestyle list.

Even if you just took 8 minutes out of your day to do just this one, your life will improve!

Skip the video above to 12:23 for reference to exercises.

  • Warm up with jumping jacks, this works your full body. Do this exercise as fast as you can.
  • Step ups, look straight ahead whilst doing this.
  • Press ups, remember to keep your back straight.
  • Wall squats, press your back against a wall and start squatting. Only squat as far as if you were sitting on a chair!
  • Ab exercises. crunches, stand up squats, planks, press ups again with a turn.
  • Lunges
  • Reverse push ups
  • One arm planks
  • Running on the spot

8 minutes a day isn’t long at all, any one can do this! You will reap the benefits in no time.

Can Aloe Vera benefit my skin? Live better healthy lifestyle list plant hack!

live better healthy lifestyle list video

Yes, Aloe Vera has great medicinal properties.

Aloe Vera treats Acne and Eczema as well as insect bites and stings.

This miracle plants soothing properties helps with burns and sunburn better than any after sun chemical product can!

Hate wrinkles? Grab yourself some aloe Vera, it fills in wrinkles and moisturises your skin.

Are you like me and suffer from heartburn or stomach upsets? Here is a great tip, take Aloe Vera!

Listen up men! Ever gone to the bathroom and found out you have run out of shaving gel? Don’t panic!

Aloe Vera is a great substitute to shaving gel!

Don’t threat women, this still applies to you to 🙂

Here’s a weird fact, Aloe Vera helps the urinary tract, helping you in the toilet department when it comes to peeing.

This ones great for anyone with scalp and hair problems. Wash your hair with Aloe Vera, it will reduce hair loss, improve your scalp and dandruff and make your hair look great!

Take Aloe Vera to improve blood quality, wow this plant really does do wonders! Why do we never get told about this?

well I’m telling you now 🙂

Thank god for that my fingers are killing from writing so much!

Thanks to the guys at 5 minute crafts for making this video live better healthy lifestyle list, all credit to them!

If you have anything you would like to add to this list, or about anything you have read I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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