Make popcorn using cell phones video!
Photo Credit To Justin Flom

Make popcorn using cell phones video!

Make popcorn using cell phones video

Age old myth busted! You CAN make popcorn without a ‘microwave’ all you need is a few mobile (cell) phones and movie night is on! This make popcorn using cell phones video will show you just how!

Yes like many of you I was sceptical at first, but it turns out you can actually make popcorn using your phone.

Who knew? Suppose there is some science behind it, with all them phones emitting radiation at the same time when ringing!

Try this for yourself at home and let me know the outcome in the comments below!

How many of you are on your way to the shop for popcorn? I know I am, haha ????

Post source : Justin Flom

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