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watch making ar15 assault rifle using


Making AR15 assault rifle using Coke cans

Can a soda can kill you? Yes it can! Watch making AR15 Assault Rifle using coke cans.

In this video From the guys over at Farm Crafts 101 they show you how to make an AR-15 lower (the part that’s classed as a gun) out of recycled Aluminium cans, this is very cool! Who knew a coke can could kill you? Watch these guys make an AR15 Assault Rifle using Coke cans and other soda cans!

This project was a YouTube first and no wonder!

The guys at Farm Craft 101 said that the project was massive and took them an estimated 30-40 hours over a staggering 2 month period! So this is not for the faint hearted, far from it!

People have asked Them to build custom guns but they have stated a full capital bold NO.

Is it dangerous to shoot a gun at water?

When shooting this beast of a gun at water people believe that a bullet can ricochet off the waters surface and is dangerous, This is true! But as shown in the video safety comes first, the angle at which the gun was shot minimises any danger.

making a deadly weapon like an ar15 assault rifle from normal soda cans like coke
making a deadly weapon from normal soda cans like coke

The bullets that ricochet of the water bounce into a 30ft hillside at the other side of the lake, where no people are ever going to be in the vicinity.

Is the lead that’s in the bullets dangerous to aquatic life?

No, the bullets are made out of elemental lead which is extremely stable and will not bleed into the water affecting marine or aquatic life at all.

Think about it like this… What do fishermen use when fishing on lakes or ponds etc.? You guessed it, lead weights and tackle.

Thinking about making one of these at home? Good luck if your in America, the UK you can forget it, unless you want locking up for life and being labled a terrorist! Always follow your countries laws and i wouldn’t recomend making a weapon even if your state allows it! People die all the time messing around with things they don’t fully know and understand.

These guys are skilled at machine work and can build this by law, so an amateur would find it extremely difficult to make a working model without blowing themselves to smitherines!.

Leave it to the professionals.

You definitaly need to check with your countries gun laws, as in some countries the making of guns is highly illegal!

Hope you enjoyed this video on making an AR15 Assault Rifle using Aluminium cans, please share and leave a comment below!

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