Man falls 47 stories and lives to tell his story.
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Man falls 47 stories and lives to tell his story.

Man falls 47 stories and lives to tell the tale!

This is the amazing but heart-breaking story of 2 brothers working on a Skyscraper as window cleaners. The cradle they were working on gave way and plummeted 47 stories to the ground! Only 37 year old Alcides Moreno, 1 of the brothers survived, watch the man falls 47 stories video above for more.

How high is 47 stories?

Roughly one story is around 10ft, but this is just a rough guide. So if the men fell 47 stories that's a whopping 470ft ! Unfortunately one man was killed on impact.

What injuries did the man that survived sustain?

Moreno falls 47 stories and ended up with 10 broken bones including both legs, an arm and several broken ribs!

Here's a crazy fact for you, an 85 year old person is 100 times more likely to die from a fall than a 5 year old child! Because of Mr Moreno age, 37, he had a better chance of survival, also since he didn't sustain a head or pelvic injury, chances of survival are greatly increased.

How can you survive a big fall?

If you fall from any height the key to survival is not sustaining an injury to your head or pelvis! Landing on your head is an almost instant death from great height, a pelvic injury ranks second in the causes of death from height, this is because the pelvis is surrounded by major nerves and blood vessels.

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Post source : ABC

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