Man slashes tyre nearly dies, Karma at its finest!
Photo Credit To NTDTV

Man slashes tyre nearly dies, Karma at its finest!

Man slashes tyre nearly dies video is going viral after horrific incident!

This idiot of a man slashes tyre nearly dies after dispute! It doesn’t go his way so he pulls out a knife and slashes the lorries tyre.

Karma instantly unfolds, blowing the man across the street ripping his shirt off.

The worst part is (or karma), the knife he was using, slashes his arm wide open causing a significant wound!

Morel of the story is people, Don’t go around slashing tyres, its extremely dangerous, illegal and karma will get you!

Karma will always get you one way or another!

Are you a big believer in karma? Yes, me too! Whether good or bad, a persons actions, will always reflect upon their life.

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Post source : NTDTV

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