Mantidfly looks like praying mantis wasp
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Mantidfly looks like praying mantis wasp

Mantidfly looks like praying mantis wasp!

Think wasps are scary! then check this cross between a praying mantis and a wasp out! The Mantidfly looks like praying mantis wasp. This scary looking creature is called a Mantidfly, although pretty harmless, I bet this one will have most running for the hills!

Don't go of its ominous looks, this tiny insect can't sting like a wasp does, it has no stinger.

The clues in its name, Mantidfly, yep it's just a weird fly!

It's a pretty cool looking insect don't you think?

So what exactly is a Mantidfly and where does it come from?

The Mantidfly or Mantispidae originates from tropics and sub-tropics.

There is about 400 different species of Mantispidae around the world, yeah, scary I know!

The Mantidfly can grow to about 1.85 inches in length, with a wingspan of 1.2 inches, it's a bloody helicopter!

They are a type of Wasp mimic, meaning they look scary like a wasp but can't harm you with a stinger, phew, thank god for that!

This amazing fly has front legs designed like a mantis does, it uses these to catch its prey with.

Want to hear a terrifying fact?

Here goes.

The Larvae seeks out female spiders and their egg sacks, once found, the larvae will suck out the innards of the spiders eggs to feed on!

The Mantidfly larvae is highly specialised in this, it will either be carried to the eggs on a female spiders back.

Or, they will find the eggs themselves and burrow through the silk until they enter the egg sack!

All major hunting spiders will be boarded by the Mantidfly larvae, they even feed of the spiders haemolymph during travel.

Scared yet?

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Credit: Ed Kern

Post source : Ed Kern

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