Mortal Kombat fighters elevator prank video!
Photo Credit To FouseyTUBE

Mortal Kombat fighters elevator prank video!

Mortal Kombat fighters Elevator prank video

Hilarious online Mortal Kombat fighters elevator prank video is of a couple of pranksters dressed as Mortal Kombat characters, scaring the living hell out of people riding the elevator!

These 2 guys with over 9 million followers on YouTube, decided to rig a public elevator with hidden cameras, microphones and stage a Mortal Kombat style showdown! The results are epic!

Have you ever pranked like this? if so we want to know! Get your video shown online to millions of people and get recognised! Message us in the comments section 🙂

Happy pranking people!

Post source : FouseyTUBE

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