Muslim woman’s question destroyed brutally live

Muslim woman’s question destroyed brutally live

This Muslim woman's question destroyed brutally live on air!

The answer she was given was brutally harsh and truthful, watch Muslim woman's question destroyed brutally live and witness political correctness thrown out the window!

This viral video is doing its rounds on the web, showing a Muslim woman at a question time live get her question answered in a brutally honest way.

Political correctness gets no say in this woman's answer, she even states:

"it's time we thrown political correctness in the garbage"

Now I'm not a racist person, but it's refreshing to see someone speak in a free way, without worrying about being labelled a racist or being un-politically correct!

So what exactly was the Muslim woman's question?

saba ahmed asking question-muslim woman's question brutally answered

Saba Ahmed, a law student at an American university.

Saba asks the panel, "We know we portray Islam and all Muslims as bad, but there is over 1.8Billion followers of Islam around the world"

Saba goes on to say,

"we have 8Million plus Muslim Americans in this country and I don't see them represented here!"

"But my question is, how can we fight an ideological war using weapons? How can we ever end this war?"

Coming to an end Saba says:

"How can we end this Jihadi ideology? It's an ideology, how can you ever win this thing?"

Now this is a big question on everyone's mind, it is a question that brings many answers, but none like you are about to her next!

The question is answered by Brigitte Gabriel, the founder, president and CEO of ACT for America!

brigitte gabriel to muslim womans question brutally answered, saba ahmed in brutal style

Brigitte Gabriel-Act For America answers question.

Brigitte starts off by saying "Excellent question, I'm glad you brought it up and are here!"

Now for Saba Ahmed the Muslim woman's question destroyed gets brutal answer, she not only answered her question she digs a grave, buries it and sets it on fire!

Here we go...

Brigittes answer

"During the comments on this panel and talk, not one person here mentioned Muslims, that we are here against Islam, or are we launching war against Muslims!"

"we are here to discuss how Americans died and what our government is doing"

"We are not here to 'bash' Muslims, you were the one that brought up the issue 'most Muslims' not us!"

"but since you brought it up, allow me to elaborate with my answer!"

Now its going to get harsh!

"They are 1.2Billion Muslims in the world today, of course not all of them are radicals! most are peaceful"

"The radicals are estimated to be between 15% and 25%, according to all intelligence services around the world!"

"That leaves 75% peaceful people"

Wow that's a high figure!

She goes on to state.

"When you look at 15% to 25% 180million-300Million Muslim people! radicalized to the destruction of Western civilisation!"

"That is as big as the United States!"

Hell, that's a lot of people 🙁

Wait there's more...

"So why should we worry about the radicals, 15-20% ?"

"Because it is the radicals that kill, because it is the radicals that massacre"

Wow this Muslim woman's question destroyed has opened a right can of worms!

"If we look throughout history and all its lessons, most Germans were peaceful, yet they managed to massacre 60 million people"

"The peaceful majority were irrelevant!"

"If we look at Russia, most Russians were peaceful. Yet the Russians were able to kill 20Million people!"

"The peaceful majority were irrelevant!"

"If we look at China for example, most Chinese were peaceful as well, yet the Chinese were able to kill 70Million people!"

"The peaceful majority were irrelevant!"

"When you look at Japan prior to world war 2, most Japanese were peaceful as well, yet Japan was able to butcher its way across south-east Asia, killing 12Million people mostly using bayonets and shovels!"

brigitte gabriel leading expert on terroism, muslim woman's question brutally answered

Brigitte Gabriel is a leading expert on global Islamic terrorism!

Yep, you guessed it!

"The peaceful majority were irrelevant!"

"On September the 11th in the United States we had 2.3Million Arab Muslims living here. It took just 19 hijackers, 19 radicals to bring America down to its knees destroying the World Trade Centre!"

"attack the Pentagon and kill 3000 Americans that day!"

"The peaceful majority were irrelevant!"

"So for all our powers of reason where are all the other Muslims here speaking out?"

"Since you are the only Muslim representative in here you took the limelight, to make a point about 'peaceful Muslims'."

"I wish you had brought 10 Muslims with you to question how we can hold our government responsible!"


Wow, that's a fair rant towards Saba's question.

I bet she wished she never bothered asking?

You can watch the full footage in the video above about Muslim woman's question destroyed brutally live on air!

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