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birdbox footage removed after using real life train disastor from quebec


Netflix edits out disaster scene from Birdbox after critisism!

Real footage of the Lac-Magantic trail disaster in Quebec

A scene from Birdbox on Netflix that shows the Quebec train explosion has been cut from the film.

After much-received criticism, Netflix has taken to re-editing the movie and removing clips that show the real-life Quebec train disaster.

The move comes just 4 months after the hit Birdbox was first aired on the movie giant Netflix.

Birdbox is a post-apocalyptic psychological thriller, in which Sandra Bullock is mostly blindfolded throughout.

The footage in question was stock footage featuring the unmanned train disaster in Quebec, the unmanned train was carrying crude oil when it became derailed killing 47 people.

Controversial scene in Birdbox film showing real life train disaster.

Earlier on this year Netflix refused to remove the controversial footage, but in a statement to TheWrap on Thursday, the online film giant confirmed that they and the makers of the film will ultimately remove the footage and stated an appology:

“We’re sorry for any pain caused to the Lac-Mégantic community.”

In response to the welcomed turnaround, Quebec’s minister of culture and communications, Nathalie Roy, was full of praise for the decision stating that:

“By uniting and pooling our efforts, everything is possible.”

Nathalie had recently contacted the CEO of Netflix back in January, asking for the clips to be removed, Netflix said that this process could take several weeks to take effect worldwide due to the sharing logistics of the online film scene.

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