Guy sings 43 different voices video, Amazing impressionist!
Photo Credit To RoomieOfficial

Guy sings 43 different voices video, Amazing impressionist!

Guy sings 43 different voices video

Watch this amazingly talented Patreon user sing in 43 different voices perfectly. This guy sings 43 different voices video, now that's a talented impressionist. Doing impressions talking normally is hard enough, but to actually do them whilst singing is something else.

What is an impressionist?

An impressionist is someone that can mimic another persons voice and sound just like them, this is a hard talent to master but some people can do this extremely well. For example the guy in this video sings in 43 different voices, now that's a skill.

This guy is going places and will most definitely go far within the animated industry. He could voice numerous characters quite easily!

What do you think? Hopefully he gets scouted soon!

Which one is your most favourite impression? Let me know below in the comments!

Post source : RoomieOfficial

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