Online security. Protect your credit card and social media now!

Online security. Protect your credit card and social media now!

Online security, protect your credit card and social media accounts easily with these great tips and programs!

In this video I will show you great ways to stop hackers or scammers and protect your credit card and social media accounts quickly and easily.

The world of hacking is scary as this video shows

Protect your credit card and social media accounts easily using this service!

One great online program I recommend to anyone is a website called creates a one time use credit card details linked to your real card, so your real card details never get shared.

The great thing about this service is when you sign up for a trial and forget to cancel before the payment is due, nothing will come out of your account as you have used a one time burner card so to speak!


Also this service is great for fully protecting all your real card details if you are unsure on a websites credibility, but want to buy something from them!

Stop the scammers.

What about Facebook or any other social media accounts?

Facebook and most other social accounts have a setting in their security settings called 2 step verification.

So how does this work?

Well once activated, if an unknown device tries to log into your account they can't!

Why can't they?

It's pretty simple really, Facebook will send a secure code to your mobile phone number that needs to be entered during login, since only you have your mobile/cell phone number only you will know it!

Also you can download an app called Google authenticator, what this does is generate a 6 digit password every 30 seconds that needs to be entered on login to Facebook.

Since the password in Google authenticator changes every 30 seconds only you know this as its unique to your phone and account!

What else can I do to secure Facebook or any other online account I have?

Instead of using your normal cell phone, go out and buy a cheap one for around £10/$10 and solely use that phone for signing up to any online account or social media site.

The genius thing about this is that this phone is not linked to anything to do with you, i.e your name, address etc.

This stops hackers trying to spoof your normal phone number, if they don't know you have a second phone not registered to your name etc., then they can't hack it 🙂

Yeah, it's that easy!

Hope you enjoyed this video protect your credit card and social media accounts!

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