Paedophile caught on video gets whats coming to him!
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Paedophile caught on video gets whats coming to him!

Paedophile caught on video

A group of friends setup an account online pretending to be a 15 year old girl, the girl who is actually a woman went to meet the dirty paedophile in a motel, along with her guy mates who were hiding out! Time to get a paedophile caught on video!

They positioned a camera in the motel room to catch all the action, When the paedophile started getting rough with the woman and trying to rip her clothes off the group of guys burst in and lay into the nonce! Funnily they cover him in flour, don't ask me why? But it was funny to see.

What does Paedophile mean?

A paedophile is a man or woman who is of legal age that is sexually interested in minors (children). Paedophiles generally groom their chosen victims online in chat rooms, or social media, then convince them to meet up somewhere like a train or bus station, or even a motel in this example.

Paedophiles are dangerous people around children, some paedophiles murder their victims once they have sexually assaulted them. Please be vigilant when letting your children openly use social media or chat rooms! You should restrict their usage of such platforms and always check their friends list and private messages for out of the ordinary individuals!

What should I do if I find a paedophile?

The first thing you should do if you suspect a paedophile online or have a paedophile caught on video, is gather all evidence including messages, dates, times and any video/s, then take it straight to the police. Hopefully the police catch the dirty nonce before he or she has chance to meet up with any minors (children).

Paedophile hunters take matters into own hands

You may have noticed via social media or the news that certain members of the public have been setting up paedophile hunting groups, and catching paedophiles, filming them and taking their evidence to the police. These guys are god sends, a sort of guardian angel to children.

Police don't actually condone these kind of groups as they say they can interfere with any ongoing investigations. The numbers speak for themselves though, so I say keep up the good work guys! Lets get more paedophiles caught on video.

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