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people high anaesthetics

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People high Anaesthetics caught on video is so funny!

People high Anaesthetics caught on video

[dropcap color=”#” bgcolor=”#” sradius=”0″]T[/dropcap]he new hilarious trend of filming your friend or family member, after being under Anaesthetics from a minor medical procedure is comedy gold! The people high Anaesthetics after effects of being ‘spaced out’ causes some people to say and act strange scenarios that to us ‘awake’ people is extremely funny to watch!

What are the effects of being under Anaesthesia?

After being Anesthetized, the patient feels numbness of the body and loss of awareness. The effects can also include, amnesia (loss of memory), analgesia (prevention or relief of pain), paralysis (relaxation of muscles rendering you unable to move) and unconsciousness (you pass out).

Why do we need Anaesthetics?

Anesthetics are mainly used in Dentistry and Surgery to aid in a medical procedure, such as having a tooth removed. The drug will numb the area so that the tooth can be removed pain free.

What are the risks?

There are major and minor risks of Anesthesia. The major risks can include death, pulmonary embolism and heart attack. The minor risks can include nausea and vomiting or a hospital readmission. It is proportional to relative risk of a complication arising, factors that are a decider in the use of Anesthetics are a patients health, the type of Anesthetic and the type of surgery involved.

The main factor is the patient’s health prior to surgery, this is stratified using the ASA physical status classification system. The ASA physical status classification system came around in 1963, it was adopted by the American society of Anaesthesiologists (ASA).

The classification of a person’s health falls into six categories :-
1. Healthy person
2. Mild systemic disease
3. Severe systemic disease
4. Severe systemic disease that is a constant threat to life
5. A moribund (about to die) person that is not expected to survive without the operation
6. A declared brain-dead (complete loss of brain function that’s irreversible) person who is having their organs removed for donor purposes

What are the after affects?

A patient will awake within minutes once an Anaesthetist terminates administering Anaesthetics, and usually regain full senses within a matter of hours. One condition that can occur is long term post operative cognitive dysfunction, it mainly happens to older people that have undergone cardiac surgery (heart operation), and causes persistent confusion that can last months or a matter of weeks.

Got any funny stories to share people high anaesthetics? let us know in the comments below!

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