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bali police shoot ex mma fighter 37 times dead video

Graphic videos 18+

Police shoot man 37 times *Extremely Graphic Video*

Police shoot man 37 times in brutal killing! Caught on video.

A botched arrest made by Police in Bali, Indonesia, ended up in an ex MMA fighter from France being shot 37 times by at least 30 police officers. The police shoot man 37 times using rubber bullets at first, then a few officers decide to use live rounds. 49 year old Amokrane Sabet who stabbed one of the officers with a knife, ended up with a tirade of rubber bullets, 24 to be precise shot at him.

Once Mr Sabet was on the floor they carried on shooting him. Altogether a further 12 live bullets got fired at Mr Sabet whilst he was grounded, fatally killing him.

Please read this section about graphic content

I do not condone violence or any sort of violence/harm in any way! I am showing you this video as mainstream media hides this from the general public, as a member of the public you have a right to know and understand what goes on in the world. You should also be advised that this video is unedited in its fullest raw format, extreme discretion is advised, as the video could be disturbing to some viewers and is extremely graphic!

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