President Putin reveals who created ISIS 3 years ago!

President Putin reveals who created ISIS 3 years ago!

Yes we was warned by President Putin 3 years ago who created ISIS but no one listened!

President Putin is well known for speaking his mind and getting straight to the point. In this resurfaced video President Putin reveals who created ISIS 3 years ago!

So who created ISIS? Putin knew, but the western world never saw the video.

The video above will tell you in detail exactly what the western world news didn't air. The media are sheltering us, the everyday citizen from the truth.

We are all getting wise to the media now and starting to wake up to propaganda bullshit so to speak, this video about who created ISIS is very interesting indeed!

President Putin reveals who created ISIS

Why has no one done anything about this? Why are we all still believing the government has nothing to do with this?

I'm not one of those conspiracy nuts, but when the President of Russia explains in detail about something like ISIS i'm inclined to listen and start wondering what's going on!

I will let you make up your own minds on the content of this video, and i'm sure it will make you think too!

Power and greed over banks and oil have a major card played when it comes to war and terrorism.

Post source : TruthStream Media

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