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palladium cigarette from project xa liggett company


Project XA: The safe cigarette that was hidden away from you!

The Ligget XA project made a much safer cigarette but then covered it up.

Before I get into the secret safer cigarette, smoking full stop is ‘not safe’ so the alternative would be to not smoke at all, but hey, it’s a hard addiction to give up!

Anyway, a company called Liggett set up a project called ‘project XA’ whose main goal was to research and create a much, much, safer cigarette.

Liggett spent a long 12 years in research and development and spent $15Million on the project, finally developing a cigarette with significantly less carcinogens than every other conventional cigarette in the world.

The cigarette was also known as the Palladium cigarette.

project xa the palladium cigarette and Liggett cigarettes
Liggett cigarettes

How did the Palladium cigarette or project XA cigarette work?

The palladium cigarette used a substance called Palladium Nitrate mixed with tobacco, this resulted in the tobacco burning more thoroughly and in a more complete manor, releasing much less harmful chemicals and by-products within the tobacco smoke.

The burning works in the same way as Palladium spark plugs, in the way they burn fuel more efficiently and cleanly in an engine. Sounds weird Palladium being in an engine and then in a cigarette, but it worked.

Project XA then progressed through 20 years of research and development, so much so that Liggett began hunting down and stockpiling as much Palladium as possible, ready for mass production of the Palladium cigarette.

Right before the company began development Liggett scrapped the project and locked away the research. Why would they do this you ask?

patent for the palladium cigarette or project xa
Patent filed by Liggett for the Palladium cigarette

Well according to United States Proposed Findings of Fact in the case United States v. Philip Morris et al (filed in 1999), Defendant Brown & Williamson threatened Liggett’s “very existence” if it marketed the cigarette.

This was because Brown & Williamson feared that if Liggett continued and produced a much safer cigarette, then it would in fact be against the interests of every tobacco manufacturer in the world!

“Promoting one cigarette as “safer” than others “would be an indictment of the tobacco industry and its longstanding position that conventional cigarettes are not unsafe.”

So there you have it! One more coverup to add to the increasingly growing stockpile.

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