Rats climbing pipes video, Watch how easy they come out your toilet!
Photo Credit To Plymouth Herald

Rats climbing pipes video, Watch how easy they come out your toilet!

Rats climbing pipes video and easily come out of your toilet!

All you rat haters out there and people suffering with musophobia, this rats climbing pipes video will horrify you. Yes, it's true, rats can quite easily, and it happens a lot, climb up the sewers and through your toilet entering your home! Scared yet?

On a whole rats don't bother me at all, I'm what you'd call a rat lover. But the idea of a rat soaked in sewerage, running around contaminating my home, is not something I would tolerate! I'm guessing everyone feels this way, you'd have to have a screw loose if it didn't bother you? Maybe diseases are your thing? who knows! No thanks!

What is Musophobia?

Musophobia is the fear of rats and mice as a whole. Someone suffering with the fear of rats or mice, will hate to even talk about them, let alone see them in their house. The mere idea of them make sufferers skin crawl! Maybe you suffer from this phobia of rats? I would love you to share your experience with our viewers in the comments below.

How do I stop a rat climbing through my pipes?

Your prayers have been answered! Some clever clogs has invented a simple yet effective device that fits on the back of your toilet. This device is called Multi-Flap MF3 Rat Barrier and is designed for anyone with little DIY experience to fit at home. This clever but simple device also reduces water usage, neat eh? I can hear you all now rushing to buy one after watching this rats climbing pipes video.

Homemade rat trap made out of cable ties

We have featured another viral video on Viral Cloud Media showing how to make a homemade rat trap with cable ties. This rat trap is genius, you probably already have all the materials you need at home to make this. watch how to make a homemade cable tie rat trap here.

Credits: National Geographic

Post source : National Geographic

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