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SpotMini Robodog will blow your mind! Watch video.

SpotMini robodog in action by Boston Dynamics.

The new Robodog will blow your mind, named SpotMini by Boston Dynamics.

Welcome to the future! The guys over at Boston Dynamics have unveiled what is essentially a robot dog or robodog. The true name for this incredible creation is SpotMini.

So what is SpotMini by Boston Dynamics?

SpotMini or robodog as I like to call it is a small 4 legged robot that can easily navigate any home or office environment. The robodog weighs 25kg, but if you include the arm attachment the weight goes up to 30kg.

robodog spotmini
Boston Dynamics robot

Pretty light really, this is just a bit heavier than a bag of cement or sand. With the arm attached it does look a bit creepy so I’m sure lots of people will be frightened by this technology.

My personal opinion is I love it! I have always been one to embrace technology to a certain degree, meaning, I think I would have a problem with a Terminator type robot walking about! But this Robodog is great!

How does SpotMini work?

The SpotMini is an all-electric robot that has a run time of around 90 minutes, Depending on the tasks it is doing. The limbs are all electric actuation.

How does the SpotMini see?

This clever little robot has Stereo cameras and Depth cameras that give it a 3d vision of the world around it. Pretty cool eh?

Apart from the sensors for sight, the SpotMini also has an IMU and position/force sensors in the limbs. These sensors help the robot pick up objects and also help with movement when walking/running.

The RoboDog can pick up objects up to 14kg. Handy for those hungover days in bed, you can send the SpotMini to fetch things around the house for you whilst you sweat out last nights dirty beer and regrets on the sofa!

What do you think of the RoboDog and the future of robotics? Leave me a comment below.

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