Roma Gypsy parties and 70% proof home brew Palinka!

Roma Gypsy parties and 70% proof home brew Palinka!

Roma Gypsy parties

Watch Romanian Gypsies in Transylvania, Their lifestyle and famous home brew Palinka, that's kind of like Tequila! Roma gypsy parties guaranteed to get any man or woman bladdered!

Who are Roma Gypsies?

Do not confuse the Roma gypsies with Romanians or modern/ancient Romans, they are a completely different ethnic group. The Romani are traditionally a Nomadic group that live in Europe and the Americas. The Romani are commonly know by English speaking people as 'Gypsies' which some people consider pejorative.

There is an estimated 1million Roma gypsies in the United States alone, another 800,000 in Brazil. Many of the Romani people are native speakers in the country they reside, others combine mixed languages and are referred to sometimes as para-Romani.

Roma Gypsies are among one of the most hated people in the world, Make your own assumptions?

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Post source : Vice

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