Savannah Cat-Worlds largest domestic cat!
Photo Credit To Mount Pleasant Pets

Savannah Cat-Worlds largest domestic cat!

Savannah cat-worlds largest domestic cat is beautiful and huge!

Who wants a Savannah Cat? The Savannah cat worlds largest domestic cat and most beautiful i have ever seen. The Savannah Cat make lovely pets and are around the height of a medium sized dog. e reckon you'll all be flooding to the exotic pet shops for one of these beauties!

Be prepared to dig deep in your pockets, as this special cat can reach costs of a family car!

Apart from the costs this cat is a serious head turner where ever it goes!

So what is a Savannah cat?

A savannah cat is a cross between a wild Serval cat, a direct descendant of the lion, and a domestic house cat.

The wild Serval is highly dangerous, good luck trying to snuggle up with one of those!

Because of the successful breeding, the Savannah cat is highly loyal to its owner, some compare this to the same as a dog.

savannah cat videoSavannah cat with its owner.

The Savannah will follow you around wherever you go and even let you walk it on a lead. How many cats can you do that with?

Some people criticize the Savannah cat, saying that because of its wild Serval genes, the cat is unpredictable and dangerous.

If you speak to any Savannah cat owner they will tell you this is rubbish. They are highly loyal and lovable animals.

Post source : Discovery UK

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