Save Money At The Cinema

Save Money At The Cinema

The summer blockbusters of 2017 may not be as appealing as they have been in recent years but there is still a great deal to be said for heading to the cinema. You will usually find that the weather gives you every encouragement to head indoors at least once this summer and a trip to the cinema can be a fantastic day out for all the family or as an interesting date night.

However, a cinema trip can be expensive, especially if you have a few people going along. You will find that many people decide that the money that could be spent on a cinema trip will be much better used elsewhere while you can watch many great films from the comfort of your own home. Then again, there is often something special about taking a trip to see the latest blockbuster films, and here ways that you can save money at the cinema.

Look out for family club offers

If you are planning on going as a family, look to see if there is a family club offer with cheaper tickets. These showings are not going to be at peak times, they are often available in the morning, but if you are available at that time, this can be a great way to get your family in to see a movie without spending a great deal of money.

Be sure to check with your local cinema to see if they offer something that will be of interest to you along these lines.

You will find that buying family or group tickets is a better deal than buying individual tickets. If you are a single person going to the cinema by yourself you may find this is a little bit unfair but everyone else will have the chance to see the film that they want to see at a much cheaper price.

Sneak in your own food and drink

Okay, you will find that cinemas try and discourage you from taking in your own food and drink. This allows them to charge higher prices for the food and drink that they sell themselves but if you are smart or sneaky, you should find that you can take in some products of your own, and this will help to make life much easier for you when it comes to considering your finances and weighing up how much money you have actually spent.

You’ll also have a much greater choice if you take in your own food and drink, so this is another reason to plan ahead. Whether you want to eat healthily or you are looking to enjoy your favourite snacks, it may be that planning ahead is the best way to save money and really make the most of your time in the cinema.

If you do feel as though you have to buy food in the cinema, be sure to look out for any deals or family offers in the food areas. There will often be deals for families to save a bit of money in keeping their kids fed and occupied during a film, so if you are looking to save money but you haven’t brought any food in with you, there is still a way for you to save some cash.

There may even be some cinemas that offer you a “food and ticket” bundle which allows you to make a saving on all of your purchases for a trip to the cinema. Look online or keep an eye on local media to find these deals or offers.

Do you really need the special seats?

Cinemas, like all businesses, are looking to make as much money as possible and this often leads many of them to offer special tickets or a VIP package. By paying a few pound extra, you can enjoy a bigger or comfier seat but you need to ask yourself, do you really need these seats?

Sticking with the normal seats can allow you to save money without compromising on the enjoyment you take from the film, so think ahead. When it comes to making the most of your money, being able to deal with unexpected bills is important, but you also need time to enjoy yourself and have time out of the house too.

A trip to the cinema is a fantastic way to spend your time but you may need to plan ahead to maximise your fun while minimising your expenditure.

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