Shocking video man burning alive goes viral

Shocking video man burning alive goes viral

Shocking video man burning alive on busy main road no one helps!

Footage has emerged of a shocking video man burning alive on a busy Indian main road, people film him, all but one man helps! This video has got to be one of the most heart-breaking and disturbing things I have seen. The fact that the man had just been involved in an accident, on a busy main road that engulfed him in flames, and people just watched and filmed is sickening!

Police are investigating the viral video trying to track down the culprit behind the camera! I hope this person gets found and locked up, who in their right mind first thinks, wait, I'll get this on video instead of rushing to save the man from the fire?

Shocking video man burning alive goes viral

This video has ultimately hit the news in India and gone viral throughout the world, hopefully for the right reasons, to find the camera man and to show how disgusting society has become.

Unfortunately the man involved in the accident died at the scene from his horrific injuries, if someone had have helped him his chances of survival would have greatly increased! And maybe he would have survived!

Not one passer-by intervened in saving the mans life

Police have stated that not one single person stopped to help the man including the guy that filmed it all. As shown in the video above, cars drive by slowly watching the man burning alive, but no one stops to help!

What is the world coming to? We are in 2017 for god sake, we aren't savages! ...Well most of us normal members of society aren't.

Please share this video and hopefully the sick individual of a camera man will be found!

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