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watch shotgun shell exploding without gun video


Shotgun shell exploding without gun video

Watch very cool video of a shotgun shell exploding without gun

In this video we are going to show you what happens when you use a trip wire device to make a shotgun shell exploding without gun.

The guys over at TAOFLEDERMAUS decided to do a little experiment and see if the shotgun cartridge would make a great homemade anti burglar device.

Now I don’t recommend you try this at home as it’s an explosive ! Also, be aware that outside of the United States this could be highly illegal, so I’d check with your country of origin first!

What is the device that makes a shotgun shell exploding without gun ?

The small rectangular device that the shotgun shell sits in is called a fith ops perimeter trip alarm.

The fith ops perimeter trip alarm is used for outdoor activities such as the perimeter of a camp to keep unwanted animals or intruders away.

The Fith ops team supply an array of different sized flash bangs and devices for the avid survivalist.

They also supply a cartridge called the bomb blast, this little animal produces a massive bomb like blast and clouds of white smoke… not for the faint hearted!

How does a shotgun shell work?

Check out the infographic below showing you a look inside a shotgun cartridge and what exactly ids going on.

inside a shotgun shell infographic

Pretty neat huh? Now you know why these little tubes of hell are not to be taken lightly!

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Hope you enjoyed the video of shotgun shell exploding without gun, please leave me a comment below and let me know if you have had the chance to use the fith ops perimeter alarm before and how it went for you?

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