Snake bites mans penis using toilet full video
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Snake bites mans penis using toilet full video

Snake bites mans penis using toilet full video

You heard right, snake bites mans penis using toilet. 36-year-old, Atthaporn Boonmakchuay from the Philippines was casually using his squat toilet to have a number 2, when all of a sudden a 11 foot snake (python) climbed up and grabbed hold of his penis! Talk about snake on snake crime here! Watch the viral video and you will get the picture!

The huge python wouldn't let go of Atthaporn's penis and he was loosing blood quickly. Luckily for him his quick thinking wife tied a rope around the snake weakening it, this gave Mr Boonmakchuay chance to prize the snake of his penis.

Mr Boonmakchuay had to go to hospital with his injuries, he made a full recovery.

It's all happening in the world, only the other day I posted a video of the police brutally shooting a man 37 times and killing him.

What happened to the snake?

The snake was unharmed during this gruesome ordeal, rescuers spent some time freeing the python from the toilet before releasing it back to the wild.

What is a python?

A python is a snake that originates from Australia, Africa and Asia. The python is a non venomous snake, it uses it's strength to constrict (squeeze) its prey, suffocating the animal before consumption! Pythons are some of the largest snakes in the world, growing up to a staggering 30 foot.

Here's a fascinating fact for you, all species of snakes originated from one venomous snake, including the python. Pythons over time have down graded their venom as they have no use for it due to their massive size! The python still secretes tiny bits of venom but it's mostly mucus and will not harm humans.

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