Star Wars homemade real burning lightsaber is awesome!
Photo Credit To Sufficiently Advanced

Star Wars homemade real burning lightsaber is awesome!

This guy makes a homemade real burning lightsaber and its freaking awesome! Star wars eat your heart out!

Have you always wanted to build a homemade real burning lightsaber, like the ones from the film star wars? A resounding yes! Who wouldn't?

The Sufficiently Advanced YouTube channel did just that and it will blow you away!

The guys start off with a custom built sheath with sound fx and valve control.

A nicrome ignition, that ignites a canister filled with a mix of methanol and acetone, this produces an epic thin beam of burning light/fire.

For the propellant they use butane!

The normal mixture of methanol and acetone produce a blue/white burning beam, in the video they show how to adjust the colour to green by adding boric acid.

Cool eh?

I wouldn't recommend building this at home, as its highly dangerous if you do not know what you are doing!

Post source : Sufficiently Advanced

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