Tarantula Hawk sting paralyzes man
Photo Credit To Brave Wilderness

Tarantula Hawk sting paralyzes man

Tarantula Hawk sting is the second most painful insect sting in the world, this guy stings himself on purpose!

Tarantula hawk sting paralyzes a fully grown tarantula and can paralyze an adult man for 5 minutes!

Please do not try this at home!

Boasting the world’s 2nd most painful sting out of all insects, the Tarantula Hawk that preys on spiders also happens to be the largest species of wasp in North America!

These nightmarishly huge spider wasps are most notorious for their frightening breeding habits.

The Tarantula hawk are also becoming well known for on the insect sting pain index, which happens to be a scary 2nd in pain.

Only one insect tops the Tarantula Hawk in pain an that's the bullet ant.

Coyote the crazy guy in he video getting stung felt it necessary to experience the Tarantula Hawk sting before taking on the highly anticipated bullet ant sting .

Let me just say, this guy has got balls of steel!

If you aren't a fan of insects, then this one is going to scare the hell out of you for the rest of your life!

What is a Tarantula Hawk?

The Tarantula Hawk is a wasp that preys solely on Tarantula's.

The wasp can detect the scent of a Tarantulas nest through chemicals in the air.

Once a nest has been found the wasp entices the spider out of its burrow and has a sort of boxing match with it.

As soon as the spider rears its legs to show its fangs, the wasp with lightening speed stings the spider on its abdomen underneath.

This sting permanently paralyzes the spider, the wasp then drags its spider victim back into its burrow and lays an egg on its back.

Once the Tarantula Hawk egg hatches its larvae starts to slowly eat the paralyzed Tarantula alive.

Yes, This is the stuff of nightmares!


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